Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Current Favorites.

My poor neglected blog hasn't gotten much love lately. Rest assure I am back and with a lot of my favorite products lately, So let's just get started.

Face and Eyes
 Rimmel Scandal Eyes In "nude"
I was never big on the whole using whites and nude eyeliners to brighten and open the eyes, I'm a plain jane and so I just like black eyeliner. Than I bought this at my local Wal-mart on a whim one day and have used it daily since. I apply this in my waterline, along with a blackliner nude in the inner corner to the middle and a black on the outerside.  Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara "Jet Black":  This mascara has a very long, very big wand and my droopy thick eyelashes do too.it grabs every eyelash without clumping or weighing my lashes. 
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder "Diffused": My "HG" powder, I use it as a finishing powder. Let me tell you it makes a whole big difference on my more dry complexion giving a "dewy within glow"  It also helps to reduce any remaining redness that I wasn't able to cover. I love the whole concept of these ambient powders and I do plan on buying more . Hourglass N28 Primer Serum: This primer is made up of nothing but essential, plant oils and vitamins. I recently picked this up in hopes to create more of a barrier between my skin and makeup, as my skin has been extremely acne prone lately. Now it is the only primer I will use and will continue to buy it does it job at keeping my foundation on and is keeping those lovely bumps at bay. Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Foundation: Hands down the best foundation I have ever tried. Perfect hydration, perfect color match, perfect finish. It runs on the pricey side,but well worth every penny though,
On to Blush And Bronzer

Clockwise: Mac Format:  This color could be a bit frightening for fairer complexions like mine, but with the lightest hand it gives the best bronzed cheek without pulling to orange or to red. I recently picked this up at my counter, haven't put it down sense. Nars Orgasm: Cult among many. I've been loving it for the springtime. Mac Creme Soda: Probably one of my most favorite blushes, especially for this time of year. NYX Matte Bronzer: Great wallet friendly matte bronzer, I'm in the lightest shade and use it on days when I feel like contouring a bit. It can pull a little muddy though so I do have to use the a light hand.
Finally My favorite products ever. LIPS.
Mac Lipliner in " In Synch": I love my orange lipsticks but sometimes they can wash a girl out. That's when I reach for this. The light pink is great for toning down the orange and  making them play along the lines of the Peach pinks/corals. Mac Vegas Volt: This is a beautiful coral lipstick. One of my favorites for the spring and summer time. Milani Flamingo Pose: Again another beautiful coral. Maybelline Color Whisper Petal Rebel: Sheer wash of pink, I like this for days when I'm in a hurry to be out the door.
Too Faced La Creme Marshmallow Bunny: Like A pink marshmallow! i've been obsessed with wearing this . Mac Embrace Me:  My "statement" pink also one of my most favorite pink lipsticks ever. Revlon Coral Reef Lipgloss:  Gotta have Coral lipgloss for my Coral lipsticks right? Doterra LipBalm: I love chapsticks, especially this one lately. Made up of peppermint and wild orange essential oils, its all natural baby. It keeps my lips from drying out and has the best smell. I have about 50+ chapsticks and this one is by far my favorite.

Whew! That's a lot of favorites, Ohh the problems of a Make Up Junkie.  :)


Saturday, April 6, 2013

At last the search ends....Sorta.

Face wipes, facial cleanser, toner, acne treatments, and any other cleaning products of the face!
Even the words make me cringe, Just a whole bunch of OWIE!

Sometimes I'm convinced I am just cursed with the worlds most sensitive skin and am the worlds biggest whiner when it comes to cleaning my face.  Everything either burns and dries out my, already overly dry, skin and really just makes me a total grump. But Alas I'm finding light at the end of the tunnel.

Let me just say, I have tried a good share of facial wipes, Korres, Mac, the whole drugstore,
They all left me disappointed, Either they made me feel like I was having a bad allergy attack or the smell was too much to handle. I had all but given up and started to use baby wipes and baby shampoo for my eye makeup (weird I know) but it did the trick. That's all in the past now!

Welcome to the world of Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes
Aren't the polar bears Cute?

Already being a fan of Josie Maran products (her infinity Cream does wonders) I decided to give these a go, And I am glad I did. Packed with Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Chamomile, and Cucumbers. These wipes leave my face softer, brighter, and I don't have the horrible eye and face stinging sensation that I have gotten with so many others instead these give me the cooling sensation that I've been searching for, They also have the pleasant smell of Citrus which too me is a total bonus, However, there is one downside though, they do a good job of removing face makeup and they do a mediocre job of removing mascara. That may be a deal breaker for a lot of people. For me, It's well worth the extra tiny step of eye makeup remover. I'm so glad that I have found these. Thank You Josie Maran for saving my dry skin once again.

These can be found at Sephora for $12. And all funds are donated to saving the Polar bears.
Awesome right?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Oh haiii.

I gone and done it! and it's about time, I'm finally going to start a beauty blog. FINALLY!

It's only taken years of Blabbering my Poor fiances, and well to be honest (anyone who knows me) ears off about how cool this lipstick or how cool that blush is.
But, I Just love makeup, I am in no means a Makeup Artist and there is certain skills I lack.Nevertheless it is a true passion to me. I'm always so inspired by learning and seeing what others love, This is my tips and tricks, product reviews, and all the above. 

I am NW20, Not the fairest in all the land but right up there. My hair is always changing. And well like the blog name. This girl can take on the whole world as long as I have my Lipstick. 

I could go on and on with an intro, But lets just keep is short and sweet. :)

I really hope anyone who comes across this blog enjoys reading it. Even if it just is myself.