Thursday, April 4, 2013

Oh haiii.

I gone and done it! and it's about time, I'm finally going to start a beauty blog. FINALLY!

It's only taken years of Blabbering my Poor fiances, and well to be honest (anyone who knows me) ears off about how cool this lipstick or how cool that blush is.
But, I Just love makeup, I am in no means a Makeup Artist and there is certain skills I lack.Nevertheless it is a true passion to me. I'm always so inspired by learning and seeing what others love, This is my tips and tricks, product reviews, and all the above. 

I am NW20, Not the fairest in all the land but right up there. My hair is always changing. And well like the blog name. This girl can take on the whole world as long as I have my Lipstick. 

I could go on and on with an intro, But lets just keep is short and sweet. :)

I really hope anyone who comes across this blog enjoys reading it. Even if it just is myself. 

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