Friday, January 31, 2014

Review: Jesse's Girl Lipsticks

Oh, Valentine's day!
Chocolates, Love, Flowers, And Jesse's Girl's Lipsticks.

Jesse's Girl and Teamed up with Julie G to bring Romance and history back!
This collaboration brings iconic couples throughout history and brings them back together as one in a nail polish and lipstick. 

I picked the lipsticks

Left to Right: &Ginger, & Juliet, &Cleopatra

& Ginger is described as a "Bright pink"  It was applied opaque, true to color on the lips. But, was the most patchy out of the bunch. 
& Juliet is described as a "Coral pink" It applied much more "orange coral"  and i saw barley any pink on the lips. It applies sheer and takes 3 swipes to get an opaque color.
& Cleopatra is described as "Peachy Pink" it too applied opaque and true to color, But on the lips left a little to be desired frost. 

All three lipsticks have the "old lady lipstick" smell to them, Which In truth I don't mind the smell. But, the smell was too overpowering, and also left the same taste. They all stayed about an hour on my lips and easily removed when eating/drinking. They also would "crumble" which means whenever rubbed my lips together they would build up and leave specks.

Pros: Cute packaging, Cute names, Some colors applied opaque, Cheap.
Cons:  Bad Smell, leaves a bad aftertaste, Crumbles, poor lasting power, some colors applied patchy.

Unfortunately, These were a total mess for me. I like my lipsticks opaque, smooth, and too have good lasting power.

I picked these up at Rite aid for $3.99 each.

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